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"Untutored courage is useless in the face of
educated bullets." --General George S. Patton, Jr.

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My Experience


(1) Presidential Commission Advisor (Commission on the Redesign of Space Station Freedom).

Personal contributions termed 2 of the 3 most critical by MIT President Charles Vest, Commission Chair; further strategic comments decisively embraced by Dr. John H. Gibbons, President Clinton's Science and Technology Advisor.

(2) National Acquisition Reform Innovator/Leader.

Personally initiated multiple award contract strategy embodied by Federal statute (FARA/FASA), then partially implemented by BPA/GWAC regulations -- which lack the effective commitment measures that I advocated.

(3) Exceptionally Accomplished Analyst (USAF/Army staff).

Approach: Overall, optimized executable/predictive planning by involving Industry/users earlier and more effectively while reducing internal Government turbulence, driving to results.

Resolved: President's Management Council waste item ($1.7 Billion annually), industrial base policy improvement ($2.4 Billion saved annually while attaining superior war-fighting performance), spare parts "horror story" fixes, moribund Command procurement intern program revitalized, suggested "Raptor" as air superiority fighter name.

(4) Realistic, Results Driven Operator.

Role: Branch chief/contracting officer/team lead. Source selections ranging to multi-billion values; program/contract briefings to 2 star General Officer/civilian equivalent.

a) Led/delivered flawless source selection panel reports, planning documents way before due dates;
b) Promptly restructured Army Global Command and Control contract, dramatically improving results;
c) Unshackled Vint Hills Farm Station base support contract after BRAC, reducing cost one-third while significantly improving customer satisfaction;
d) Negotiated/executed Independent Research and Development agreements valued at $2 billion annually, identifying $125 million independent research/development contract issue, driving corporate restructuring.
e) Significantly strengthened a classified future trends strategy analysis for the Director of National Intelligence, also presented to the US Army War College. Principal contributions include positive and concrete planning/mobilization steps to prepare for and minimize the effects of terrorist attack.


Presumptive CEO/Business Consultant.

Saraband Wireless creates propagation analysis circuits for direct incorporation into wireless communications links based on accurate channel state knowledge that critically achieves high efficiencies with broadband systems. Led grant proposal/marketing efforts, secured leading firm's patent law advice with fully deferred payment.

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