Mark Werfel, LLC

"Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom."
--Thomas Jefferson

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Helping You

1. Affordable but brief strategic planning (abridged effort)

with implementation recommendations, at a single site (e.g., one VA Hospital or a department), priced at the micro-purchase level using the Federal Government Purchase Card. If a site visit is required (as recommended), that pricing is only available within 75 miles of Washington DC, and requires pre-planning to ensure that the right people are available. I promise high-impact results, but also recommend a more comprehensive effort (below). I am confident of my ability and therefore welcome performance incentives that augment baseline charges. If you initially choose the abridged alternative, that effort can later be augmented with the comprehensive one.

2. Functional process improvement

My evaluation of your contracting process should result in your achieving quicker and better results, even if you have fewer people. The likely applications are to source selections and contract administration. I am developing low-cost software licenses for proprietary past performance measurement that support source selection and contract administration functions.

3. Realistic strategic planning (comprehensive effort)

with results that will clearly distinguish your Agency as a Federal leader, for which I again welcome performance incentives. My work can still be affordably priced, but at small purchase levels, offering optimum results when so desired.

4. Contract staff augmentation

in procurement analyst or contract specialist roles (acquisition strategy/planning/management, general negotiation, cost accounting standards issues).

Value | Experience | Helping You | Additional Qualifications | Publications | Contact